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May 2010



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May. 8th, 2010

A hope and a prayer

We're Finally On Our Own

My dad was a few months shy of 19 in May, 1970.

When I was a senior in college, the run-up to the Iraq War was in full swing. There was talk that it was going to happen - we didn't know exactly when - and there was a pretty big protest against it that was being held on College Green and the main street that passed through downtown. I didn't have finals to worry about - one of the benefits of taking strictly journalism classes for a quarter is that you have projects and papers, not tests, during finals week - and I figured I'd attend, being that I was against the war and all. I called Dad to let him know what was up, and we joked about him posting my bail if I was arrested for civil disobedience by way of simply being in the area. He told me to have fun, then got quiet. He may not remember what he said next, but I'll never forget it.

"Good for you for standing up for your beliefs, kiddo. Just do me a favor - if things get out of hand, I want you to leave. And if the cops start getting anxious, I want you to run. Don't stick around. Get the hell out of there. Or get down."

We both knew what he meant. We didn't say anything, though. We didn't have to. It happened just down the road. Today, I read that it may not have been just a tragic accident.

I can't believe that all of that wasn't present in Dad's mind, even as he was telling me to do what I thought was right.

I would have run. There's no question. I'm the only child he has.
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Apr. 20th, 2010


Superman and Green Lantern Ain't Got Nothing on Me

Spring is making inroads here in NEO. That means it's time for Donovan and early to mid-career Beatles. It's still too early for the really psychedelic stuff.

I finally worked up the courage (and de-stressed) enough to reach out to the contact at Mountain XPress that flatbear dug up for me. I sent him my resume, recommendations, references and clips, as well as a request for a mailing address in case he wants to see even more of my work. It's nerve-wracking, to say the least. It's been ages since I've had any hope career-wise; now that the media markets are (slowly) starting to bounce back, my main fear is that I'm just not good enough to re-enter the ranks. I have my column in the local paper, but no one seems particularly impressed by that. It's why I'm going to be signing up for Associated Content this week. rm recommended them, and it'll keep me in practice if nothing else. Writing for media outlets like this forces to be my own editor, which means my writing gets tighter, more polished and (hopefully) better all around. That can't hurt, and there's never anything wrong with a little extra cash.

My latest quixotic quest involves shoes. I have a pair of cheap black loafers that have served me well since college, but they're literally starting to fall apart. I'm seeking to replace them with a pair of eco-friendly, sweatshop-free ones in keeping with my quest to slowly, slowly switch over to being socially responsible and sustainable with my possessions. (You can thank theycallmeboy for getting me interested in sweatshop-free - he's the human rights campaigner, I'm the eco-geek.) I'm going this route (as opposed to replacing everything all at once) because, let's face it - a lot of being sustainable and socially responsible is about consuming less, making do and repairing what can be repaired before replacing it with something new. I'd do that with these shoes, but I don't know if I can. The leather is fake, and the tongue of the shoe is tearing away from the sides. This makes them slide when I wear them, which means I walk funny and hurt my feet in the process. I may as well shell out for a new pair - it'll give me a chance to use the copy of Green Pages I get every year for being a member of Green America. Supporting businesses with ethics I agree with while supporting multiple causes at once? Yes, please!

Final order of business: my friend is trying to raise $500 for March of Dimes. She's at $215 and has 18 days to go before her deadline. If you've the money to spare and feel so inclined, shoot a little her way. I know she'd appreciate the support.

Apr. 10th, 2010

I'm a riter!


...that's been an exceedingly long time, hasn't it?

I think I'm going to start writing more. Writing here, writing for publication, writing for pay, writing for the hell of it. I think I need to - not out of any sense of obligation, but just to keep me sane and connected. The recession and other other aspects of the past few years really took a toll, but I'm on the way back. I think. I make no guarantees. We'll see.

Also - I'm going to be doing some tidying of the flist. You're welcome to read my journal and comment, but *please* don't freak out if you're no longer on the flist. I assure you it's nothing personal.

Not that I know why I'm worried - no one reads this anymore anyway. Don't think they do, anyway.

So...how's everyone doing? You know, if I'm not just broadcasting into empty space?

Now playing: Pulp - Razzmatazz
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Nov. 14th, 2009


God Damn Christmas-Stealing Nazis...

So tonight's original entry was going to be about trying to decide on a gift watch for someone, but then I read that article about how the Nazis tried to steal Christmas and now I'm too tired for the more extensive entry I'd planned. God dammit...

Ok, we'll make this quick. I don't think theycallmeboy reads my journal anymore (he's mostly on Facebook as well), so I'm safe in asking this. Readers, which watch looks best? If you have any experience with the brands, which would you recommend? Last year's Christmas was crap (unemployment put a damper on my usual holiday impulse to spend with wild abandon), and I need to make up for it this year. He's already asked for the Firefox DVD box set, but I want to surprise him too. Thoughts?
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...this is well and truly terrifying.

It seems utterly absurd on the surface - really, a Nazi Christmas? - but it's a lot more chilling when you start thinking in hypotheticals. The proposed changes to the holiday didn't catch on, but was that because of long-standing tradition or simply because the war didn't go well for Germany? Would people have embraced sun wheel cookies and Odin as Santa Claus more readily if the Nazi campaign had been more successful, if not completely victorious? Again, it may sound ridiculous, but consider this:

"Of course the festival of Christmas has been largely secularized in much of the world over since the start of the 20th century, but the Nazi treatment was different. This had nothing to do with commercialism or growing secularism, but was based on their racist ideology and a yearning for a mythical Germanic past.

One particular sinister example of the Nazi Christmas tradition is the Julleuchter ('Yule lantern'), a kind of candlestick which can also be seen in the exhibition. Heinrich Himmler, head of the SS, had the supposedly "Germanic" lantern produced by inmates in the Dachau and Neuengamme concentration camps to give as a present to members of the SS. The same version of the Julleuchter that Himmler had made is still sold today in certain shops with a New Age bent as a traditional Christmas decoration.

And many of the myths that the Nazis invented are still circulating. 'You can still read in places about how Christmas is really an ancient Germanic festival of the winter solstice,' Breuer says, pointing out that there is little evidence of any such celebration.

It makes me wonder about how easily culture and tradition can be manipulated, as well as how much of what we all believe is potentially based on lies.

Nov. 10th, 2009

But Bono is Jesus!

I suppose I should update this thing

*blows off dust*
Emo rantage behind the cut. Consider yourself warned.Collapse )

Alright - I think I'm done! And just to recap for those who didn't click the cut, things are fine. Just...completely peachy.

And now, to bed.


Jul. 30th, 2009


So I Guess This Journal Now Counts as my "Secret Identity"?

Well, the writerly journal has been officially established - those wishing to know what I'm up to career-wise can check out my posts at lifeonthmargins to see me muse about life as a currently-freelance (but hopefully soon-to-be full time) writer for hire. The same posts also hit the Life On the Margins blog, but only when I remember to do so. As Douglas Adams once said, "Share and Enjoy!"

Also, check out the new journal to find out the latest career development as of today. Seems I've been tapped for a pseudo-column...
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Jul. 27th, 2009

I'm a riter!

New Journal

I'm thinking of creating a new journal that will focus more on my writerly life as opposed to my personal one. This journal will stay, but I wanted to let everyone know that I'm going to be making a new one here in a few days. If you want me to friend you with this new LJ, please let me know. Thanks!

And now, back to the office. *sigh*

Jul. 21st, 2009


"Oh god...I threw up on Juicebox."

Watchmen comes out on DVD today, so celebrate by going back to where it all began:

I am so in love with this series it's not even funny. And the kid they got to play Daniel is *spot on*:

The rest [so far] behind the cut!Collapse )


Jul. 12th, 2009



Well, it turns out that the mystery candy of mysterious origin was, in fact, sent by theycallmeboy's awesome mom, who continues in her winning streak of being the best someday-mother-in-law a girl could ever hope to wish for. Crunchies and Chocolate Buttons, ladies and gents. I don't know if it could get much better than that.

She has no blog (to my knowledge), but she does have what is quite possibly the world's most adorable Twitter feed. And yes, she is that sweet in real life.
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