kiji_kat (kiji_kat) wrote,


...that's been an exceedingly long time, hasn't it?

I think I'm going to start writing more. Writing here, writing for publication, writing for pay, writing for the hell of it. I think I need to - not out of any sense of obligation, but just to keep me sane and connected. The recession and other other aspects of the past few years really took a toll, but I'm on the way back. I think. I make no guarantees. We'll see.

Also - I'm going to be doing some tidying of the flist. You're welcome to read my journal and comment, but *please* don't freak out if you're no longer on the flist. I assure you it's nothing personal.

Not that I know why I'm worried - no one reads this anymore anyway. Don't think they do, anyway.'s everyone doing? You know, if I'm not just broadcasting into empty space?

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Tags: life, writing
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